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Lien Gwerin 3


The third volume of the Cornish Folklore journal. Published annually every February, each issue contains a wealth of original research, antiquarian tales, mysterious ghost-lore and social history from across the ancient Cornish land.

Lien Gwerin 3 - 68 pages, full of folklore, culture and mystery from across Cornwall. A5 size, 148 x 210 mm. Fully illustrated, including work by Paul Atlas-Saunders and Sheridan James Lunt.


The Pencarrow Hunt Merv Davey
The Darley Oak Rev. H. A. Simcoe
The Mysterious Carvings of Probus Alan M. Kent
The Seaton Mermaid Old Looe Stories and Legends
Teflon Tracey and the New-age Squire Andy Norfolk
Cruel Coppinger Sheridan James Lunt
Traditions of Parcurno William Bottrell
Some North Cornwall Folklore Alex Langstone
The Battle of Vellan-Druchar Craig Weatherhill

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