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Lien Gwerin 2

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Issue 2 of the Cornish Folklore journal. Published annually every February, each issue contains a wealth of original research, antiquarian tales, mysterious ghost-lore and social history from across the rugged Cornish peninsula.

Lien Gwerin 2 - 54 pages, full of folklore, culture and mystery from across Cornwall. A5 size, 148 x 210 mm.

Fully illustrated, including art by Paul Atlas-Saunders and Gemma Gary


Folklore of Looe Island Alex Langstone
The Fisherman and the Piskeys Jonathan Couch
The Piskies in the Cellar Robert Hunt
The Cornish Otherworld Cheryl Straffon
The Black Dog of Tregrehan Alex Langstone
Giant Wrath of Portreath Robert Hunt
The Giant Bolster of St Ann’s Robert Hunt
Rillaton Folklore Kathy Wallis
Piskey led by Buckaw on Bolenowe Carn John Harris
Tencreek’s Grey Lady Old Looe Stories and Legends
The White Hare Old Looe Stories and Legends
The Lady with the Lantern Robert Hunt
The Small People’s Fair Enys Tregarthen
Colperra Day: Folklore on the Lizard Alan M. Kent
Mermaids and the Hooper William Bottrell
Peter the Devil Robert Hunt

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