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Lien Gwerin 7


The seventh annual edition of the Cornish Folklore periodical. Published every February, each issue contains a wealth of original research, recorded lore and traditional folk narratives from across Cornwall. The journal regularly features some of the leading writers and academics specialising in Cornish folklore and culture, alongside classic reprints from the heyday of folklore collecting. Lien Gwerin aims to showcase the best in folklore, social history, myth, legend and culture from across the the rugged peninsula.

A5 148 x 210 mm, perfect bound, 132 pages, fully illustrated throughout.


The Folklore of the Hal an Tow by Andy Norfolk
The Old Man of Cury by Robert Hunt
Cornish River Lore by Alex Langstone
Folk Dance Collectors in Cornwall by Merv Davey
The Morgawr: Elusive in Sea and Folklore by Ronald M. James
Passing through the Devil’s Eye by Karen F. Pierce
Book Review: Fern Seed & Fairy Rings
Hazel Trees in Cornish Folklore by Rupert White
Black Prince Flower Boat by Kathy Wallis
Obituary: Dr Alan M. Kent
First and Last Folklore by Katie Giles

Plus original art by Paul Atlas-Saunders

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