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Image of From Granite to Sea: The Folklore of Bodmin Moor and East Cornwall (Hardback edition, signed)

From Granite to Sea: The Folklore of Bodmin Moor and East Cornwall (Hardback edition, signed)


Cornwall is an ancient land steeped in legend and myth. From Granite to Sea explores the folklore of the often-overlooked eastern reaches of the rugged Cornish peninsula, at the heart of which lies the mysterious upland of Bodmin Moor. This beautiful and remote land of granite, which forms the Cornish highlands, inhabits eighty square miles across the central spine of eastern Cornwall. A wild and mysterious landscape, where folklore permeates every hill, rock and river. Inhabited by piskies, giants and conjurors, who in turn control the old trackways, hilltops and weather. It is a land haunted by the wild hunt of the Devil’s Dandy Dogs and the demonic spectre of Tregeagle.

From Granite to Sea is the first ever comprehensive focus on the folklore of eastern Cornwall. Alex Langstone’s ground-breaking study will guide the reader through a myriad of old tales of witches, conjurors and charmers, supernatural encounters, amazing folk traditions and curious customs from the high moors, rugged clifftops, secret coves and lush estuaries across the eastern reaches of the Duchy.

Standard Hardback Edition: a green case binding with copper foil blocking to cover & spine, 90gsm white paper stock, buttermilk endpapers, with green and white tail bands. Hardback size 234 x 156mm, with 276 pages, plus 18 pages of black and white photographic plates, plus line drawings and figures by Paul Atlas Saunders with additional images by Gemma Gary.

"Through this book the secrets of a landscape are revealed" Elizabeth Dale (The Cornish Bird).

"evocative and atmospheric" Meyn Mamvro

"I enjoy reading Celtic folklore, and I’m pleased to find a new work which illuminates an area that has not previously been covered properly." Gold Coast Books, Australia

"Alex Langstone has all the thoroughness and passion for his subject as the classic folklorists of the past, but with an easy journalistic style that has produced a readable and entertaining book. Anyone interested in Cornwall’s rich and magical traditions will find it an engrossing read. He draws on, and often quotes, a wide range of sources, and the text is complemented by beautiful black and white illustrations by Paul Atlas Saunders and Gemma Gary, as well as black and white photographs. Set to become a modern classic of the genre." Museum of Witchcraft & Magic

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